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Chemicals for Other Applications

Sugar Production Industry
Polyaluminium chloride (PAC) and aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) can accelerate the sedimentation of fine particles in cane juice. They can facilitate filtration and also improve the clarity of filtrate.

Food Industry
1. As a food ingredient, calcium chloride can function as sequestrant and curing agent. It has been approved by the European Union as a food additive. Identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this substance is generally recognized as safe, abbreviated as GRAS. It is estimated that every one intakes the calcium chloride food additive ranging from 160mg to 345mg everyday.

2. As a curing agent, calcium chloride is applicable to vegetable cans. Also, it allows soybean curd to be solidified. In addition, it can react with sodium alginate, which can gelate the surface of fruit juice and vegetables to form a small ball like caviar.

3. As a kind of electrolyte, calcium chloride can be added into sports drinks or some soft drinks including bottled water. Due to an extremely strong saline taste, it can replace salts for the production of pickled cucumber, while simultaneously maintaining the amount of food-grade sodium.

4. Calcium chloride is able to lower the freezing point of chocolate bars filled with caramel, which can delay the freezing of caramel.

5. The beer-brewing liquid without minerals contains calcium chloride, because calcium ion is one of the most influential minerals in the beer brewing process. The calcium chloride may affect the acidity of wort and the function of yeast. In addition, it provides beer with a sweet taste.

Aquaculture Industry
Poly aluminium chloride and ACH can improve the quality and light transmission properties of water, which can eventually improve the photosynthesis of water.

Leather Treatment
Poly-aluminium chloride and ACH can be applied in the anti-wrinkle leather and cloth process.

Drying Agent
Calcium chloride can act as a desiccant. Also, it is a dehydrating agent used for the production of alcohols, esters, ethers, and acrylic resins. This product is ideal for the processing of waste paper. It is also a raw material of calcium salts. Its solution can be used as flocculants in both sodium alginate and bean product industries.