Add.: Taiwan Industrial Park, Shandong (Gaoqing) China 256300
Tel./fax: +86-533-2799988
Contact Person: Delia Zhang

Jiahua Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company that integrates R&D, fabrication and management. Our company is oriented by the development of new type eco-friendly materials. We focus on the implementation of the national 863 (high-purity polyaluminium chloride) key project.

Our company is mainly devoted to the production of various water purification products including the polyaluminium chloride, polyacrylamide, aluminum chlorohydrate, and the calcium chloride, etc. The annual production capacity of 100,000tons enables us to become the largest manufacturer of water treatment chemicals in the north of the Yangtze River.

Below is an introduction of Jiahua.

1. Company Profile
Incepted in 2005, our company now has a workforce of 180 employees. The total floor area is 80,000 square meters, including the construction area of 48,000 square meters. The annual value of production reaches 15 million RMB.

2. Laboratory and Test Equipment
Our laboratory is equipped with the whiteness meter, turbidity meter and other devices to make sure that each product is in full compliance with the related standard.

3. Raw Material
Our company is close to Chalco Shandong Aluminum Group. Our western neighbors include Shandong Dongyue Group and Bo Group which are two major chlor-alkali bases. This geographical advantage provides us with the most guaranteed long-term raw material supply chain. Also, it offers us an extremely favorable condition to control the cost and export of our products.

4. Production Equipment and Technology
High-purity polyaluminium chloride manufacturing technique: Aluminum hydroxide + Synthetic hydrochloric acid-Ingredients kettle-Reactor (full reaction at high temperature and high pressure)-Drying tower-Spray drying for getting solid products

5. Control Equipment
DCS full automatic control system allows the liquid flow, dose and solid feedstock to be controlled at constant temperature, which guarantees the stable quality of products.

6. Warehousing and Logistics Transportation