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Aluminum Chlorohydrate and Polyaluminium Chloride Serve as Household Chemicals

1. Household chemicals can be divided into several types, including the common liquids, creams and lotions, powder, aerosol, organic solvents, wax, and more.

2. The basic emollient material of cosmetics is mainly categorized into the plant oils, waxes, hydrocarbons, synthetic grease and fatty acids, fatty alcohols and lipids.

3. Other ingredients include the emulsifier, thickening agent, antioxidant, antiseptic, and the flavor pigment, etc.

4. High-purity polyaluminium chloride and ACH are universally applicable in daily-use chemical industry as an ingredient of antiperspirant. They are also important raw materials used for the production of hydrated aluminum zirconium glycine, abbreviated as AZG.

5. Aluminum chlorohydrate, also called ACH, is one of the 18 wetness protection ingredients approved by the Food and Drug Association. It is ideal for use in over-the-counter underarm antiperspirant products. According to a professional research, people who have used hydroxy aluminum chloride antiperspirant have successfully dried their underarms.

6. While aluminum chlorohydrate reduces the amount of sweat on skin, the ingredient also creates a skin environment which can inhibit the growth of malodor-producing bacteria so as to help reduce underarm odor.

7. The addition of ACH in graphite products can increase the aluminum content, which allows graphite products to improve the physical and chemical properties like fire resistance.