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    1. Water Treatment ChemicalsWastewater is produced from the alcohol plants, breweries, gourmet powder factories, meat plants, beverage factories, dye plants, and various sewage plants. It contains all kinds of organic solvents, the inorganic and organic sulfide, hydrocarbon, chlorine, oil, mercury, and other elements that are harmful to environment.
    1. Oilfield ChemicalsHigh-purity polyaluminium chloride is mostly applicable to the purification of petroleum in petroleum exploitation process. Polyacrylamide is mainly used in the drilling mud materials, and also it can increase the oil recovery rate.
    1. Paper Making ChemicalsHigh-purity polyaluminium chloride is often used as paper sizing chemicals in papermaking industry. It also acts as a filter aid, retention aid, or the precipitator for neutral rosin sizing. This selection of paper making chemicals can replace aluminum sulfate to serve as a neutral sizing precipitator in papermaking industry.
    1. Textile ChemicalsIn textile industry, polyacrylamide is used as the finishing agent or sizing agent for fabric post treatment. It is able to produce a soft, anti-wrinkle and anti-mould protective layer. With strong moisture absorption, this range of textile chemicals can reduce the breakage rate of spun yarn.
    1. Household ChemicalsHousehold chemicals can be divided into several types, including the common liquids, creams and lotions, powder, aerosol, organic solvents, wax, and more. The basic emollient material of cosmetics is mainly categorized into the plant oils, waxes, hydrocarbons, synthetic grease and fatty acids, fatty alcohols and lipids.
    1. OthersAs a food ingredient, calcium chloride can function as sequestrant and curing agent. It has been approved by the European Union as a food additive. Identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this substance is generally recognized as safe, abbreviated as GRAS. It is estimated that every one intakes the calcium chloride ...